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Project NOVI (Novel, Optimistic, Vibrant, Inspiring) is Foundation Nova Diem’s core service – a unique online experience for participants, leveraging innovative assistive technologies and transformative guidance to ignite life-changing opportunities for people who have been overlooked or marginalised.

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Project NOVI Feedback

Discover the beauty of untapped potential combined with Jet Fuel


This process has helped me uncover my strengths and potential, giving me the confidence to pursue my goals with newfound optimism.


Collaborating with Foundation Nova Diem has been a rewarding experience. Their commitment to social justice and innovative use of technology are helping to break down barriers and create lasting, positive impact.


Foundation Nova Diem is setting a new standard for how we support marginalised individuals. By focusing on strengths and potential rather than deficits, this project is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.


I've felt overlooked for so long, but this project has given me a sense of belonging and purpose. The tools and guidance provided have been instrumental in helping me unlock my potential.


I appreciate the comprehensive nature of Project NOVI. It's not just about identifying strengths but also about providing the right resources and guidance to help us realise our full potential.


The holistic approach to personal development is unmatched. The combination of advanced assessments and guidance ensures that participants are not only aware of their strengths but also equipped to navigate their unique challenges.


The digital assessment tools provide deep insights into each participant's unique traits and capabilities, allowing us to tailor our support and help them achieve their personal and professional goals.


The focus on empowerment and autonomy is exactly what our community needs. By providing individuals with the resources and support to realise their potential, we're excited to think about the ripple effect of positive change throughout families and the broader community.


The innovative tools and assessments provide unparalleled insights into personality and capacity. This comprehensive understanding enables us to offer highly tailored and effective support, making a real difference in participants' lives.

Project NOVI

Transforming Communities One Rockstar At A Time

In synergy, through a holistic and restorative approach, in 2023 Project NOVI has been incubated so that in 2024 a series of innovative digital assessment tools can be piloted to identify and empower our participants’ strengths, capacity and pathways to realising their goals and greater autonomy.

Focus has been on introductory communications and initial assessment including onboarding into a custom operating system, consent, Adaptive Multifaceted Personality Screener (AMPS), Needs Motivation Assessment (NM), Purpose and Potential Explorer (PPE), One Page Participant Report (OPR), Conversation for Understanding and Next Steps planning.

These steps and tools have been developed to uncover nuanced personality traits, individual capacities, and priority areas for development.

When combined with visioning around their Nova Diem (new day) journey through provocations in the Synergistic Assessment (capacity, willingness and desires), it is expected that an impactful empowerment and self-determination experience will be ignited.

Foundation Nova Diem exists to unlock potential and break down barriers to a more equitable and inclusive world. A non-profit organisation, we’re driven by a deep sense of compassion and commitment to social justice, focused on identifying and empowering capacity for a brighter future.

Currently, in start-up, we’re building Project NOVI – an evidence-based tech-enabled, innovative online experience to identify and unlock unrealised potential in the face of disadvantage, empowering pathways towards autonomy.

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Project NOVI aims to empower participants by identifying their strengths, capacities, and potential. This includes fostering confidence and autonomy, enabling participants to take control of their lives and realise their goals.

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The project leverages innovative digital assessment tools to provide comprehensive and personalised insights into participants' traits, capabilities, and needs. These tools are designed to uncover a wide range of attributes across various dimensions, ensuring a thorough understanding of each participant.



Through a combination of advanced assessments, personalised development, and collaborative planning, Project NOVI provides participants with the necessary resources and guidance to navigate their unique challenges and opportunities. This support is aimed at fostering self-agency, leadership, and multigenerational change within families and communities.

Our Theory of Change


Capacity Assessment

Capacity Assessment assessment to identify attributes eg. cognitive, learnability, motivations, skills, resilience, values etc.

Personality Assessment

Personality Assessment unbiased, accessible, comprehensive personality and behavioural assessment.

Synergistic Assessment

Establishment of capacity, willingness and desire to bring to and receive from this journey – clarity on expectations.

Coaching and tools

To collaboratively analyse datapoints, build plan and guide development with tech-innovation for learning and leverage.


Barriers Identified

Barriers Identified to acknowledge the diverse and intersectional barriers that are causing disadvantage.

Potential Identified

Potential Identified evidence-based prediction of learning and development potential. Shift deficit to strength mindset.

Engagement Initiated

Engagement prioritises a safe environment based on building trust and reducing risk, self-agency and autonomy in the co-curated journey.

Empowerment Co-curated

Empowerment co-curated pathway towards autonomy with connection, bringing security and optimism, uniquely empowered through trusted relationships, learning resources and tech innovation.


● To create an engaging, safe and inclusive place for participants – empowering confidence and autonomy
● To identify and empower participants’ strengths and potential
● To collaborate with participants to co-curate and realise pathways for their goals and opportunities
● To build participants’ leadership capacity as change-agents in their families and communities


  1. Individuals uplifted sense of inclusion, respect, confidence, belonging with clarity on personal strengths, opportunities and a co-curated pathway to realising desired potential.
  2. Families empowered through participants as leaders – multigenerational change agents, bringing new capacity to the immediate ecosystem – not limited to health, education, emotional and financial capability.
  3. Communities diverse emerging leaders bring rich perspectives and voices in advocacy for supportive systems and structures – while modelling behaviours for self-determination and collective impact.
  4. Australia catalysing safety, equity, access, autonomy, dignity and freedom; overcoming discrimination, exclusion and dependency.
  5. Strengthening civic and economic potential for a more optimistic, inclusive, productive and regenerative world leading future.


Unlocking potential and breaking down barriers for individuals, families and communities for a more equitable and inclusive world.

Social equity is defined as fairness and justice achieved through systematically assessing disparities in opportunities, outcomes, and participation, and redressing those disparities through targeted actions on individual, systemic, and structural levels, to provide opportunities for success to individuals based on their right of access and specific needs.

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