Episode 01: Syntropic Voyage – Charting course towards life and hope

Syntropic World Podcast
Episode 01: Syntropic Voyage - Charting course towards life and hope

In this episode, Christine shares the origin story of Syntropic World – with it’s substrate at the intersection of:
1.       Working with the powerful white male. For Christine, working as an executive coach with senior executive men over the years, reaching the place where they would share their fears and concerns with her more than with anyone, had her realise their yearning was for the same things as most people, and that they knew they were trapped in a system that is killing us.
2.       As a dedicated applied student of Buckminster Fuller’s work, Christine is applying what he called the Nature's Coordinate system – laws and lore – to human relational design. Teams, partnerships, enterprises. Eventually, to her own enterprise, Big Blue Sky and then Syntropic World.
3.       Christine’s natural tendency to be a visionary pioneer, edge dweller, truth seeker, systems thinker.
4.       Christine’s love of business and enterprise. People doing things together.

Christine spent her earlier years trying to re-arrange deck chairs on the Titanic. Eventually, she realised that we needed to build new boats. Our existing human-constructed systems are antagonistic to life. (Legal codes, capitalism, how we measure, what we measure, our work, how we work, the technology we use.)

Through her own very dark night, she chose to bring Syntropic World to life, inspired by the questions…

Do we care enough? About the sacredness of all life? Our precious Earth and her creatures? Our future? About justice for all?

And if the answer is yes, what can we do?

In this podcast Christine and Jan discuss how humanity’s present and future might be if we held life as sacred in all of our work, play and enterprise. We explore life and work as devotion. A vow and commitment to the things that matter most. We contemplate reverence as a business practice – a deep and abiding respect for our staff, customers, the future, and all stakeholders, including ourselves. We paint the picture of possibility forged from a new beginning as the world that is tearing itself apart slips further into the shadows.

They share a hopeful story, asking us to reach inside and connect with our Soulful longing for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Nature’s Coordinate system, tested over billions of years, is still to be unrivalled by any technology created by humans. How might we partner with the laws of Nature in all we do, and when we do that, what is the effect and possibility? This is what indigenous peoples did for thousands of years.

How might we establish enterprises, any human endeavour, where life is held as sacred in all domains? Where humans come together and create together in ways that evoke awe and delight. Where we grow up together as we create and design the project, service or technology that we care deeply about that supports an increase in well-being for a hundred percent of life.

When we do this, what happens? What happens to our team, to us, to the community? Our future? To our profitability?

A fascinating, and not to be missed podcast!

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