Episode 01 – Troubled Roots, Hopeful Road

Awakenings Podcast
Episode 01 - Troubled Roots, Hopeful Road

Welcome to Awakenings, a podcast that delves into the interconnectedness of colonization, climate change, and our path forward. In this episode, we explore the troubled roots of colonization and its impact on Earth's natural systems and indigenous cultures. We discuss the link between colonization and climate change, recognizing that the pursuit of resource extraction for the benefit of one group has led to the disruption of ecosystems and the exploitation of people.

Our guest, Christine McDougall, the founder of Syntropic World, shares her work in creating businesses for a world with a future. She emphasizes the need to shift our mindset from domination to stewardship and to value all forms of life. Christine discusses the principles of syntropic practice and how it can help organizations navigate the necessary systemic shift towards valuing all stakeholders, including the natural world.

She highlights the urgency of this work in light of our current model's misalignment with planetary boundaries and the need to create enterprises where all stakeholders can thrive. Christine invites listeners to engage in Syntropic World's teachings and community of practice, offering scholarships to those who genuinely want to participate.

Join us on this journey to confront our troubled past, recognize the interconnectedness of colonization and climate change.


In our first inspiring episode in Awakenings, Cindy is in conversation with Christine McDougall, exploring colonisation as a deep root of our environmental, social, racial and economic challenges.

How can this knowledge help us understand the systemic shifts necessary to help us build organizational resilience and success?

As context for the series, Cindy shares an overview of the devasting effects of widespread colonisation on the Earth’s ecosystems and of the genocides, and massacres that accompanied this acquisition of ‘new worlds’. She will explore the philosophy and dominant world view that was constructed to support the colonising project by the imperial powers e.g. such as the racial hierarchy of the philosophy of the Enlightenment, and the mechanistic cartesian paradigm which characterised nature as a machine. How have the objectives and methods that garnered such wealth in the colonising project shaped our corporate codes and purpose as well as our financial system, embedded at such a structural depth, we no longer see them as they now drive our demise.

In fascinating conversation with Christine, this episode explores an alternative model to structures designed to extract to extinction.

Can the existing structures be remodelled, or do we need new ones to do the entirely different job of ensuring Earth and all the creatures and the business she supports will thrive?

Christine gives extraordinary insight into Syntropic organisations and operations, and to systems expressly designed for the purpose of supporting a world with a future.

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