Episode 02: Human Symphonies – Partnerships for a Syntropic planet

Syntropic World Podcast
Episode 02: Human Symphonies - Partnerships for a Syntropic planet

Join Christine and Sarah in their moving, enlightening and far-reaching conversation exploring how we have these truths:

  • Each life has value, and each life is unique.
  • Humans want to make a valuable contribution, to belong, to be a part of something that asks them to be better than their small selves.
  • We do not want to feel exploited, to be extracted to extinction, to colonise or be colonised.
  • We long for beauty, creativity, and connection – to touch, daily, the sacred and awe.

This podcast examines – then what do we do? We redesign everything in partnership with life.

We learn from Sarah’s work about how a Syntropic Enterprise is a living system. It is biological. It has cells, membranes, and organs. No one part can thrive without the other. Communication flows are exquisite and extraordinary. It has a nervous system. It also has consciousness connected to the greater consciousness of the field.

In this episode, Christine and Sarah speak of the critical anatomical parts of a Syntropic Enterprise. Whether your enterprise is a family, a partnership, a team, a community, an NGO, or a company. Remember that each part, like your liver, cannot exist without the healthy functioning of all other parts. All parts work together synergistically, where the collective is greater than any part. This conversation speaks the parts that make the whole, and shares stories of application in real time. Practical. Real. Alive. Human. Hopeful. Profitable. How this effects people, teams, families, communities, enterprises, earth and the future when we apply these principles.

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  • Towards Syntropic is Ubiquitous
  • Clean Communication
  • Trust Manifesto
  • Synergistic Audit
  • The Tetrahedron
  • Stewardship
  • Provisioning

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